EFAF coaching clinic in Sofia 19-20 May

On the 19-20 of May in Sofia took place a coaching clinic organised by EFAF and the Federation of American football – Bulgaria. The 2 day clinic was attended by 25 coaches from Bulgaria and Romania. Teams that took part were: Sofia Bears, Bucharest Predators, Sofia Hawks, Pleven Blades, Silistra Stallions and Sofia Warriors. During the first day of the clinic, the coaches were familiarised with the best modern practices in coaching football and most important keeping the players safety as a top priority. The coaches sent by EFAF – Paul-Vincent Miraval and Giorgio Longhi – both with huge experience in coaching in Europe managed to answer all questions in regards to the most common problems young football teams have.

During the second day the coaches took part in an on field coaching clinic where the newest practices and techniques in coaching were introduced. The practice covered all aspects of football – blocking, tackling, offense, defense and all positions were covered.

After their 2 day stay in Sofia, Bulgaria, the EFAF coaches left a good amount of knowledge that would help the teams coaching staff improve their abilities and understanding about football.

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